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Wanna Spoon? is the husband and wife team of Ray and Puff Smith in Marcola, Oregon. Our family business began with a love of woodcraft as well as lightheartedness – a desire to bring both timelessness and joy to the kitchen. At the heart of the home, the kitchen nourishes the soul with warmth and laughter just as it nourishes the body with food. All of our pieces are designed and handcrafted in that spirit, with pride and delight. Our goal is to provide you with a sustainable enduring product of the highest quality and value and to do it with a little whimsy. Wanna Spoon?

Where to find us

If you’re in the Eugene area, we encourage you to find us at Saturday Market (April – October) and Holiday Market (November-December) and say hello! Because we are a very small team and each of our wooden spoons is individually handcrafted, we often have a selection at Market that we are unable to showcase online. If you are an online shopper, however, and looking for something special that you don’t see, please let us know if there’s something we may be able to do for you. Don’t forget to check our calendar for upcoming events!


Ray Smith, I spend my days in the shop trying to create beautiful and functional art.
LaVohne "Puff" Smith, My wonderful wife who helps with the design and quality control .

Raymond Smith

Puff Smith

Owner Operator

Wanna Spoon? was started on a whim almost ten years ago. I never in my weirdest dreams thought wooden spoons would be so popular but here we are and I see no sign of it slowing.


 Design and Q.C. 

I couldn't do what we do if it

were not for this lady. She keeps me on my toes and she seems to know what the public wants out of their wooden utensils. With her finish work she makes sure everything is top quality.

Lise, the inspiration for my love of wood working.

Lise Smith


For years as a child I watched my mon create all kinds of items from popcycle stick houses to miniature guitars and violins out of wood. Now here I am making a modest living and carrying on a tradition. At 76 she still helps out in the shop.

Wanna  Spoon?

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